Anti-Rabid Fanbases was a Google Plus community focused around "removing cringe", which meant taking control of communities through getting moderator status and completely destroying and dismantling them to the point of being nonoperational. They are portrayed in the story as a rebellion against vicious warlord by the name of Smike, whom, in real life, only produced videos that were mostly Five Nights related for the purpose of gaining money.

Backstory Edit

Anti-Rabid Fanbases was the original organization created to put a stop to the warlord Smike's reign of terror over the world via his army of animatronics. They formed together in New York City and lead whatever remained of the world not gripped by Smike into a full-fledged brutal war. During the ARF-FNAF war, the real orchestrating force behind the animatronics turned out to be Scott Cawthon, a shady businessman who approached Smike with grand plans of world domination with him at his side. ARF send multiple squads out into the world in an attempt to root out Scott, as his true identity was unknown. Finally, President Obama sent a squad out to Scott's Citadel in Washington D.C. When Java McMan, a top operative of ARF confronted Scott, it turned out Cawthon was secretly the Middle Eastern dictator Saddam Hussein searching for a new way to gain world domination. A quick scuffle between Saddam's guards and the ARF operatives ensued, with grenades and bullets thrown across the room in a hailstorm of chaos. Eventually, Saddam escaped as the Citadel was destroyed. ARF also spearheaded efforts against the space empire known as the Covenant, whom which Saddam allied with in order to help destroy ARF and the US Government.

Robarate commissioned for an elite strike force, the best of the best of ARF, to be sent out towards the Middle-East, where reports of Saddam building up a spaceship equipped with a laser circulated. Launching a Middle-East Desert campaign against Scott's FNAF forces, which ultimately resulted in I ARE TECH, another ARF operative in the high echelons of the organization, infiltrating it. While the Covenant were beaten back by the UNSC and their top supersoldier, Master Chief. The spaceship was destroyed, and Scott taken into custody and thrown into Alcatraz, reactivated for service.

ARF was prospering, but disagreements within its High Command and military resulted in a splinter group that left ARF being made. Many notable members of ARF, including a person named Two, created Very Good, a sizeable force of insurrectionists that managed to undermine ARF after months of desperate warfare. Robarate and I ARE TECH, two of the three commanders of ARF, died fighting a desperate last stand within the ARF Capital City, renamed from New York in honor of the group. Java McMan escaped and linked up with a newly formed organization of ARF Refugees that escaped in time. The Internet Sanctuary, or TIS, was born from the ashes. Very Good was then dismantled from the inside by several of its own members.