Donald Johnathan Trump is a famous American businessman and 2016 Republican GOP Nominee. He is the President of the United States in Battle for Le Internet, and is currently giving commands to TIS. He also invaded mainland Japan due to it being occupied by Weaboos.

Backstory Edit

Donald J Trump was the president put in power after the TIS signed a deal with the US Government, allowing them to provide security for the country. Trump ran against Hillary Clinton, who turned out to be working for Scott Cawthon. Before she could cause anymore damage, Trump destroyed her in an epic sword battle. However, Scott already had multiple emails sent to him detailing the weaknesses of the Pentagon and America. However, when the Desert Campaign was over the computer containing the emails was stolen by Weaboo Emperor Tojo, who used the information to launch a full-scale war upon America and completely take them by surprise.

Trump also served against the Covenant during the Battle for DC, in which the admiral of Jul Mdama's fleet, Trar, was preparing to glass the city. However, Trump activated the Abraham Lincoln Robot Statue in an effort to vaporize the fleet, however, all hope seemed lost until a mere fly was able to distract the Admiral, allowing the Statue's Laser systems to target and effectively wipe the Covenant armies from existence once and for all.

Now, Trump serves as a president, answering to the commanders of TIS to ensure that their deals are made. He was also the one who would commission for the invasion of Japan after the Weaboo Attack.