Insertchannelnamehere of thy UTTP is a Google Plus user, known for having connections with the UTTP and ARF before it's collapse. He is also known to be near insane, showing up on many Google Plus "News Pages" for very controversial reasons. In the story, he is a spy whom worked for Stephen Larson, and now works for The Internet Sanctuary, otherwise known as TIS

Backstory Edit

Insert was a former UTTP lieutenant who worked with Stephen Larson on multiple operations, and was a leading military chief when Europe fell to the might of Stephen's armies. Insert opened a spy corporation known as The Nutshack, where spies would be employed to listen in onto suspicious conversations in the streets to make sure no one was plotting against the Larson Regime. Insert also managed the safety of Stephen, handpicking his personal guards.

After the UTTP Civil Conflict's end, the fascist dictator Larson was overthrown and Insert went into hiding before TPNG soldiers in Berlin could locate him. He retreated to South America and found out a group of content creators planned to make a TV series with the same name as his spy corporation. Insert funded the creation of the Nutshack TV series, which he is an avid fan of.

Insert then went to America, by then under TIS rule, and assisted Crow and his Legions in many ferocious battles against those who plotted their demise. Being a prominent figure in the wars of TIS, Insert crushed many insurgencies and rebellions, and was a notable member of the squad that stormed the Weaboo Broadcast Station in Japan.