Matpat, otherwise known as Matthew Patrick, is a famous YouTuber known for creating the internet series "Game Theory". He is an upcoming villain in the Battle for Le Internet series.

Backstory Edit

Matpat was originally a Schutzstaffel officer during the Second World War, before escaping after Germany's downfall. He then landed in the American homeland, and began his new identity with the alias Matthew Patrick, as well as his online persona of "MatPat", using his exponential knowledge to conjure up some very loose theories on random video games to get him a following of children. Realizing that children won't help him reach his goals, Matpat created a space shuttle from some of the rubble of the Saddam Spaceship.

Matpat then went to a desolate planet, or so it seemed. A native tribe known as Youtube Gaming had made their home there, and Matpat used them as his own private army, giving them speeches that were too advanced for their brains, and thus, the Gaming Tribe bowed down to their new overlord. In the new series of BFLI, Matpat is said to become the main antagonist.