SlenderHalo, better known as just "Slender", is a well-known Google Plus user who formerly operated for Anti-Rabid Fanbases, as well as currently serving in The Internet Sanctuary. In the story, he is a well-known warrior in both ARF and TIS ranks, serving in multiple major battles against the FNAF and Undertale hordes.

Backstory Edit

Slender's most memorable military campaign was the one he personally spearheaded against ZombieWarsSMT, one of Smike's lieutenants. SlenderHalo began his career as a fighter in this campaign, using all assets available to combat Zombie's forces in the forests of 4Chan, an evil and mostly abandoned realm, until Smike saw that the liquid that flowed through the rivers of 4Chan, condensed pure evil, could be used in a future superweapon. SlenderHalo bravely lead his soldiers into battle, using his variety of weapons to dispatch of entire platoons of animatronics and brainwashed FNAF fans, until reaching Zombie himself, who was on the edge of a river flowing with the unknown liquid. After a brief skirmish, Zombie was sparta-kicked into the river, the acidic substance crawled all around him, until he was consumed.

SlenderHalo received many medals of honor and bravery, until he was recalled many more times in pivotal battles against Smike and Scott's FNAF Coalition, destroying many infamous FNAF Commanders. During the Very Good Civil War, SlenderHalo served with the ARF Loyalists until it was certain that defeat was the only outcome. To escape, he piloted the submarine which also escorted Java McMan out of ARF City before it was sacked by Very Good forces.

Later, SlenderHalo linked up with some other ARF refugees to form TIS, a new orgnization that followed ARF's ideals. The leader of TIS, known as Crow, ordered his new commanders, Slender among them, to begin an expansion mission and claim territories surrounding TIS as their own. All of America, devastated by the FNAF Conflict, quickly agreed to fall under TIS terms. The group was thriving. However, all was not well. A new evil brewed in Japan. The Weaboo Prime Minister Hideki Tojo, along with an army of Weaboo forces, invaded the East Coast of the USA in a lighting strike. America's military was unable to fight back due to the amount of resources spent pushing back the animatronic insurrectionists, so TIS's own military might was called in. SlenderHalo lead a valiant assault on the Japanese Command Building in Washington D.C, and also freed the White House from the Anime-loving evil Weaboos. Slender brought along with him his lucky shotgun and some grenades.

After fighting through and taking the Command Building and shutting off the Weaboo radio transmitter, Slender and his squad were sent to Italy, were Benito Mussolini called for a desperate alliance, after Weaboo Japan and their allies encroached upon Europe. Helping Italy out, Benito promised to one day return the favor to SlenderHalo and TIS. SlenderHalo was sent on many more vital skirmishes against the Weaboo Army, disabling radio transmitters for the most part. Tojo's forces no longer had proper communication, and his military was in disarray. Hideki's armies were forced onto the defensive. When a captured TIS operative known as Slab was being tortured personally by Hideki, Benito returned with Chin Chin the Dark Lord. He eliminated Tojo's guards and watched as Tojo was sacrificed to Chin Chin.

SlenderHalo, along with Slab and the rest of his squadron, were tasked with finishing the Japanese, by infiltrating and destroying the Anime Broadcast System in Tokyo. The Weaboos, even without their hivemind Prime Minister, still fought desperately in an attempt to ensure that their waifus saw another day. SlenderHalo broke through the front gate and bum-rushed the skyscraper that held the Broadcast System. After making their way through countless Weaboo divisions, they reached the main floor and eliminated Kotaki, Hideki's second in command.

SlenderHalo then served once more against the alien threats of the Covenant, which returned to Earth to break Scott out of Alcatraz, albeit unsuccessfully.

Now, SlenderHalo is a recognized decorated combat veteran, with high status and respect.