Stephen Larson, better known as just "Stephen", is an Arabian Google Plus user known for being the head of the infamous trolling group "UtubeTrollPolice", otherwise known on the site as the "UTTP". His account was deactivated due to personal reasons, however, he continues to be known to this day. He is portrayed as the former king of the UTTP in the story.

Backstory Edit

Stephen Larson was the infamous former owner of the UtubeTrollPolice, a rather ineffective group that fought Smike, but took power during the chaos of the FNAF War. Rising in mainly Europe, Stephen Larson inherited the UTTP from an unknown figure named Tommy Parky. It was later, revealed, however, that PurpleHelmetAvenger was the true successor to Tommy on the UTTP Throne. To hide this fact, Stephen's UTTP Squadrons were able to cover up the evidence and exile a distraught Purple. Near the end of the FNAF War, Purple retreated to Russia, and came in contact with the Troll Punisher Ninja Gear, a specialized group that were enemies of both ARF and Smike. The group was dedicated to destroying any sort of threat to the human population, and were situated in Moscow, Russia.

The UTTP, meanwhile, grew massive in size after ARF refugees that did not join TIS nor Very Good had aligned themselves with Larson. The UTTP Military General Sherman, along with his lieutenants, launched a full-scale invasion of G Plus, and all of Europe was brought under a fascist dictatorial iron fist. Stephen's insane ambitions lead to his science teams nearly achieving the creation of a bomb able to destroy Earth 200 times over. Luckily, by then, ARF and Very Good were both destroyed, and TIS was still a young group. TPNG launched a colossal invasion of Stephen's UTTP territories. As hard as the UTTP fought, TPNG's forces had more advanced technology and prepared for the war more, as the UTubeTrollPolice were clearly taken off guard. After a shaky ceasefire was made, it turned out Purple was in cahoots with CarterLennon, one of the famous leaders of TPNG.

The UTTP was dividing, as many saw it more beneficial to join TPNG's new Alliance rather than remain with King Stephen. So, Stephen allied himself with the Council, consisting of the council that helped ARF. Meanwhile, the final battle of the FNAF war occurred. In a Red Wedding like scenario, Carter and his closet allies were killed when trying to help Scott in the Desert Campaign after the connection from ARF to UTTP was made.

However, the carter that died was a body double.Elsewhere, Stephen continued his mass-rampage, crushing all those opposing him, until Purple and Carter returned, rallying the UTTP Rebellion against Stephen, along with whatever remained of the TPNG forces, in what is known as the Great UTTP Civil Conflict. After brutal months of warfare and heavy losses on both sides, the TPNG came out on top. Stephen attempted to flee to the TIS territories in America, but was intercepted by border guards and executed for treason, with a UTTP Puppet Government headed by the rather compliant Sherman in the place of Stephen's dictatorship.