The TPNG, otherwise known as the "Troll Punisher Ninja Gear" is a Google Plus group against the UTTP. They are lead by a user simply known as "Carter". In story, they are a rebellion group, attempting to bring down Stephen Larson's dictatorship-like rule of the UTTP.

Backstory Edit

In story, Troll Punisher Ninja Gear was a group created in desperation by several civilians escaping Stephen's wrath and fleeing to Russia. The TPNG had amassed a large army of those who opposed the dictator's rule and waged a one and a half year long war against the advancing UTTP Military. After successfully defending Russia, TPNG forces pushed forward and launched an invasion of the UTTP Homeland in Europe, by also starting a civil conflict within the UTTP by introducing PurpleHelmetAvenger to the throne, a claim disputed by Larson's regime. The UTTP Rebels linked up with the TPNG armies in Russia, while Stephen's armies remained as Loyalists and continued waging war. However, TPNG asked multiple other groups across the world for help, while TPNG soldiers also helped themselves to a supply depot of guns and weapons hidden away in a secret cache at Norway. It turns out this cache was a stash hidden by the ARF figure Robarate.

Using this newfound armament to their advantage, TPNG, along with UTTP Rebellion forces, launched a colossal invasion of all of Stephen's territories, and in a lighting strike, were able to capture or kill multiple members of the UTTP Council in a bombing on one of their palaces in Germany. Stephen himself was cornered in Berlin and caught trying to escape the doomed city, TPNG leader Carterlennon carried out the execution.

TPNG then became a close ally of TIS, and the two powerhouses currently hold all of the power in the world.