The Internet Sanctuary is a private Google Plus group containing some of the last active members of Anti-Rabid Fanbases. It was created during the cyberwar between Anti-Rabid Fanbases and a branch of itself, Very Good. Mere days after the Internet Sanctuary's creation, Anti-Rabid Fanbases was destroyed, and the page officially 404'd, and was no longer operational. It started with 65 members, however, through 2 raids, the list was shortened to a mere 16 active members. The Internet Sanctuary is the peace-keeping organization fighting against the so-called "Cancer of the Internet".

Backstory Edit

TIS is a safe-haven and quite possibly one of the last areas of ARF refugees, hence the sanctuary name. However, it was not without it's enemies. The TIS were forced into battle many times after their formation, to fight against the breadcrumbs of FNAF. The Japanese Weaboo Army was just the beginning of a hard fought campaign that the TIS would fight. The Covenant, along with multiple alien empires, arrived to crush Earth's empires and place Scott Cawthon on top. However, after a long and brutal war, they were stopped.

TIS has since then formed an elaborate form of government to govern the USA, which is still under construction after the devastating wars that had passed it. TIS also had a citadel base in the Arctic, but it was destroyed by the Covenant Remnant, which had been created by Jul Mdama. He still held the same feelings of hatred towards TIS and ordered his forces for a full invasion of Earth. He wasn't successful, however, since soon after he ordered the invasion his admiral, Trar, was literally distracted by a fly, allowing the Abraham Lincoln Combat Statue, or ALCS, to triangulate the location of the fleet and fire. While attempting to escape the Solar System, Jul was caught and tried for attempting to wage war, and thrown into Alcatraz.

TIS also had to finish off Scott Cawthon once and for all, by storming FNAF City when Scott was attempting to make the Sister Location game. His plots to make a new propaganda game were foiled. Along with this, the rest of the robot animatronic rebels Scott had created also were deactivated by TIS operatives. In recent times, the TPNG and TIS have had a good alliance, as TIS had fallen predator to some terror attacks orchestrated by the ARFANET, a raiding program built by ARF scientists that was shut down after the war's end. Of course, this didn't stop Stephen Larson, the former UTTP Dictator, to reactivate it. The ARFANET had turned self-aware and eviscerated all of Stephen's guards, before allowing the terrified dictator to leave the facility.