Toby Fox is the developer and creator of the game Undertale. However, he is an antagonist in the Battle For Le Internet series. He appears in the spinoff that occurs 30 years after the events of the original story, taking the place of Scott Cawthon.

Backstory Edit

Toby Fox is a confirmed bio-terrorist warlord and commander of a rogue nation made up of Undertale drones. Undertale robots were created on the designs of Scott's robots, and the blueprints for them were left behind when Scott and his armies were retreating to the Middle East for the Spaceship Build. Toby used the blueprints he found to create his own army using an abandoned factory in Britain, before organizing the hostage taking of a large amount of the world's major political leaders. Toby demanded a massive amount of money for their freedom. Instead, TIS operatives were sent in on a Black Ops Classified mission to dismantle the Warlord and his plot to destroy the world's political landscape. Succeeding, Toby was thrown into Alcatraz.

A few months later, however, one of Toby's spies in TIS, TimidGoliath, orchestrated the prison break of Toby with the remaining Under-bots. Crushing the security at the prison, Toby and many other infamous faces were released, though all were collected and thrown back into their cells. Except for Toby, who had met up with famed Russian Ultranationalist Tyrant Imran Zakheav in Georgia. Together, Toby and Imran's men created a massive space laser which would be used to convert the world into an Undertale-based dimension. Putting the laser into orbit, the TIS knew of this but couldn't obtain starfighter technology. So, they had to go to the Middle East, the resting place of Scott's fallen spaceship, and hijack the ships inside the hangar bay.

Toby's space fleet was unsuccessful in fending off the TIS fighters, along with the fact that Imran had already fled when things began to seem grim. TIS, with TPNG assistance, boarded the laser, and fought through hundreds of Under-bots, before Insert, Carter, Slender, Gogy, 2LazyforName, and many others, found themselves cornered by the Under-bots. Toby began a overconfident speech, but was killed by his own minion, Timid, who soon after shut down the Under-bots. However, his betrayal still stung the hearts of TIS, so Gogy did the honors of blasting his head with an M16, before rebuilding Timid as a robot-detective, with his only organic parts behind his heart and brain.

Meanwhile, Toby is revived by Vladimir Makarov, who had found him lying adrift across the ocean. Toby's shady past is finally revealed, when Crow learns that Toby didn't die on the laser and finds out he is actually alive and well deep within Ultranationalist territory. Toby himself is inside an old fortress coordinating an invasion of the American country with his conspirators. This time, Captain Price and Task Force 141 assisted the valiant team in a raid upon Toby's castle. Before Fox could be caught, he fled via truck to Makarov's alternate safehouse in Georgia. Several audio recordings littered across the building reveal Toby's past life as an ex-Soviet operative, who installed multiple sleeper cells in the USA before the fall of the Union. Triangulating Toby's location after a week, Crow organises another raid on Toby's safehouse. After a brief scuffle outside, and a final struggle within the safehouse, Toby is hiding in the basement, protected by two guards, which die quickly when Insert and 2lazy bust inside.

In a twist, it turns out Insert is one of the sleeper cells Toby had mentioned, and Insert turns on 2lazyforname, until Nick Valentine/Robot Timid runs inside, and fires a sleep dart, which forces Insert into unconscious state. Toby refuses to let himself become recaptured, saying that Makarov has already convinced the Russian Army to invade America, before he attempts to escape, only to be shot down by multiple snipers placed outside.