The "Ultranationalists" are a Russian terrorist organization from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series. In the story and in game, they are an antagonistic group, lead by secondary (main in Call of Duty) antagonist Vladimir Makarov.

Backstory Edit

The Russian Ultranationalists were neutral in the ARF-FNAF wars. However, they rose to power under Imran Zakheav's time, when he encouraged multiple terror attacks at Russia and several other countries. His actions were eventually noticed by TIS, which had control of America. Imran had allied himself with Toby Fox, commander of the Under-bots. Giving him help and assistance, their help was not enough to prevent Toby from getting killed.

The Ultranationalists eventually gained power in Russia, and Imran decided to assist Killer Keemstar, a Gnome Warlord, in the creation of a device that would bend Earth to his will. While the device was being created on the moon, The Russian Moon Colony was destroyed by TIS operatives commanded by SlenderHalo. Although this was quite the setback, Imran had a secondary base in Russia which contained the device's parts. The Ultranationalists went to work rebuilding their device. However, Trump's TPNG space brigade crushed the device once and for all, and Imran's archenemy, Captain John Price of the SAS, killed him.

The Ultranationalists will be playing a new role under Vladimir Makarov during the Matpat Arc.